Bồn tắm AQUAVIA Home Spa
Bồn tắm AQUAVIA Home Spa
Bồn tắm AQUAVIA Home Spa
Bồn tắm AQUAVIA Home Spa
Bồn tắm AQUAVIA Home Spa
Bồn tắm AQUAVIA Home Spa

Bồn tắm AQUAVIA Home Spa

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Giá Liên hệ

Mã: AQUAVIA Home Spa

Công nghệ: Châu Âu


Made In Europe

Bảo hành: 36 tháng

Cam kết hàng chính hãng mới 100% Brandnew.

Đổi mới trong 30 ngày đầu nếu có lỗi nhà sản xuất.

Miễn Phí giao hàng nội thành Hà Nội, Hồ Chí Minh.

Bảo hành điện tử chính hãng.

Gọi 078.5555.388 để được tư vấn mua hàng

Home Spa

At home like in a hotel, in a hotel like at home

The Aquavia Home Spa has arrived, the most attractive minimalist hydromassage hot tub right now, especially designed with couples in mind and ideal for hotel suites and superior rooms, as well as private homes. Its compact dimensions (215x174x75) contrast with its versatility, thanks to a design that enables four different positions in its two lounger-shaped areas.

The 20 hydromassage jets in this sensational hot tub provide a complete back hydromassage, from top to bottom, with different characteristics in each of its positions. Its 8 air nozzles create the necessary bubbles for an extraordinary massage, activating the blood circulation from the soles of the feet to the buttocks, with positive effects both in terms of relaxation and muscle recovery.

The Home Spa has four LED lights to create a unique and cosy environment, which can be controlled, like all the hot tub’s functions, via a glass touchscreen. In terms of the design, which includes completely customised acrylic finishes and the cabinet option the exclusive Solid Surface, the Home Spa is a true added value solution.

The Home Spa is a hot tub that is immune to the latest trends and which stands the test of time. It is an intimate space for couples where time stands still and stresses and strains are forgotten. A prized gem in a hotel suite; a touch that takes a home to the next level.

General specifications

Hot tub dimensions (cm): 215x174x75

Number of hot tub positions (sitting / laying back): 4 (4/-)

Hot tub volume of water (litres): 520

Weight of the hot tub: (empty/full): 257-778

Hot tub massage pump: 1.800 W / 2,5 CV

The hot tub's blower pump: 1.150 W

Hot tub filtration pump: 200 W

Hot tub electric heating: 3.000 W

Power required: Low Amp (W) / (A) up to 230 V: 3.400 W / 14.6 A

Hot tub voltage: 230 V / 400 VIII


Hot tub number of jets: 20

Hot tub with air nozzles: 8

Hot tub with headrest: 2

Hot tub with digital control panel: Touch panel

Ultraviolet Treatment UV: Yes

Hot tub with galvanised metal frame: Yes

Hot tub with insulating ABS base: Yes

Energy Saving Cover: Yes

Colour Sense: 4 LED

Stainless Jets / Nozzles: Yes

Hot tub with filter: Cartridge

Clean Water (hot tub with ozonator): Yes

Hot tub with high pressure filtre with cartridge: Yes


Nordic Insulation System: Optional

Hot tub shell colours: White, Silver, Sterling, Pearl Shwdow, Alba

Type of exterior cabinet finish: Solid Surface

Surround Bluetooth Audio: Optional

Programmable Wi-Fi Touch Panel: Optional

Pure Line Lighting: Yes

EcoSpa Hot tub with ECOSpa double thermal insulation: Yes

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