Bồn tắm AQUAVIA Swimspa Sky
Bồn tắm AQUAVIA Swimspa Sky
Bồn tắm AQUAVIA Swimspa Sky

Bồn tắm AQUAVIA Swimspa Sky

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Giá Liên hệ

Mã: AQUAVIA Swimspa Sky

Công nghệ: Châu Âu


Made In Europe

Bảo hành: 36 tháng

Cam kết hàng chính hãng mới 100% Brandnew.

Đổi mới trong 30 ngày đầu nếu có lỗi nhà sản xuất.

Miễn Phí giao hàng nội thành Hà Nội, Hồ Chí Minh.

Bảo hành điện tử chính hãng.

Gọi 078.5555.388 để được tư vấn mua hàng

Swimspa Sky

The best mini pool for all year round

A swimming pool for inside the home? An outdoor hydromassage hot tub? Or the complete opposite? The Sky SwimSpa is a versatile mini pool with compact dimensions (4 x 2.30 m) and ready for immediate installation. It is designed for outstanding performance both indoors and outdoors, whether in a garden or on a terrace.

Like all of Aquavia Spa’s SwimSpa range, the size of the Sky model allows it to function as a swimming pool, while retaining its wellness features thanks to its circuit with 12 hydromassage jets arranged vertically on one of its inner corners. Additionally, its powerful heater (3,000 W) easily adjusts the water temperature, both indoors and outdoors, whether you are using it for sport or for leisure or relaxation.

After al, the Sky SwimSpa is designed for countless possibilities, from sharing enjoyable, relaxing times in good company to swimming at the highest level. Indeed, the swimming kit consists of a pole that is secured to the swimming pool, where an elastic band is attached with a harness so that you can swim non-stop at the pace of your choice without ever reaching the end of the Swimspa.

A SwimSpa with people-centred technology

Technology should always serve to improve the quality of life and well-being of people, something continuously pursued by Aquavia Spa. One good example of this is our exclusive Colour Sense, an LED chromotherapy device that is simple to configure to enhance the relaxation experience through the sensations transmitted by the colours; and it also keeps quiet thanks to Aquavia Spa’s innovative Silent Pump purification system. Talking of hygiene, the Sky SwimSpa features our Ultraviolet Treatment, an ultraviolet light disinfection system that reduces the use of water treatment products by 80%.

Energy efficiency and sustainability are essential for Aquavia Spa. In addition to its highly efficient equipment and insulated base, the Sky SwimSpa includes our exclusive insulating cover, the Energy Saving Cover, which also prevents evaporation and, when outdoors, protects the acrylic and the water against the effects of sunlight. In addition to the cover, we have the EcoSpa feature. Our R&D+i department has verified that it delivers energy savings of 69% even at extreme temperatures as low as -15ºC.

All of the equipment and technical kit required for the Sky SwimSpa to work is built into its non-corrosive metal frame, so it has “plug-and-play” installation: plug it in and it is good to go. The frame is protected by a weather-resistant exterior cabinet, although it can be supplied without a cabinet for problem-free inground installation.

In fact, at Aquavia Spa we offer long-term warranties, because we are so sure of the quality of our hot tubs and Swimspas: 15 years for the frame, 10 for the acrylic and 2 for any component. We want to make sure that our customers always remember that they made the right decision when they decided to choose Aquavia.

General specifications

Hot tub dimensions (cm): 400 × 230 × 138 cm

Number of hot tub positions (sitting / laying back): 1 (-/-/1)

Hot tub volume of water (litres): 6.000

Weight of the hot tub: (empty/full): 1.150 kg / 7.150 kg

Hot tub massage pump: 1.500 W / 2 CV

Hot tub filtration pump: 400 W

Hot tub electric heating: 3.000 W

Power required: Low Amp (W) / (A) up to 230 V: 3.400 W / 17,78 A

Hot tub voltage: 230 V / 400 V III


Hot tub number of jets: 12

Hot tub with digital control panel: TP600

Ultraviolet Treatment UV: Yes

Hot tub with galvanised metal frame: Yes

Hot tub with insulating ABS base: Yes

Energy Saving Cover: Yes

Colour Sense: 1 LED

Stainless Jets / Nozzles: Yes

Hot tub with filter: 2 x Cartridge

Spa with isothermal cover: Yes


Hot tub shell colours: White, Blue Marble, Sterling

Type of exterior cabinet finish: Synthetic Grey

Surround Bluetooth Audio: Optional

Programmable Wi-Fi Touch Panel: Optional

EcoSpa Hot tub with ECOSpa double thermal insulation: Optional

Hot tub without Cabinet: Optional

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